The Herb Society of America, Inc.
founded in 1933, is committed to protecting our global environment for the health and well-being of humankind and all growing things. We encourage gardeners to practice environmentally sound horticulture. The Society is concerned with the cultivation of herbs, the study of their history, and their uses, both past and present. The Society does not give advice on the medicinal uses of herbs.

United States National Arboretum Garden Collections, Washington DC
National Herb Garden

United States Botanic Garden, Washington DC
Designed gardens, interpretive displays, educational programs and entertaining activities
Meadowlark Botanical Gardens, Vienna VA
Herb Potpourri Garden

National Library of Medicine Herb Garden, Bethesda MD
Herb Garden

Blooming Hill LLC, Philomont, VA
HSA Potomac Unit member.  Owner’s lavender collection and gardens open to the public on weekends, April through December.

Green Spring Gardens, Alexandria VA
Potomac Unit donated the Doris Frost Herb Garden in 1985.

Loudoun Valley Herbs, Round Hill, VA
HSA Potomac Unit member. Featuring unique herbal gifts. Specializing in lavender and rose products.

KIPOS Botanicals, Arlington, VA
HSA Potomac Unit member. Sharing the garden's beauty and power with handcrafted herbal products.








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